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My name is Luca and I would like to tell you my story. I am 45 years old, I am married and I have two children. Together with my wife, we manage a greengrocer's shop. In October 2009 I discovered that I had two hernias. On the 2nd of February, 2010 I had an operation to treat the left hernia. It resolved little and this hernia continued to give me pain and tiredness at the end of the day. I decided however to undertake a second surgical intervention planned for January when, on the 25th of December, I discovered your cure. On the 2nd of January I began the exercises and started the diet. Before the cure I weighed 74 kilograms, and now only 67. I complete the exercise regime every 48 hours and I am at the first level. I have experienced miraculous benefits in that the operated hernia no longer gives me problems and that the other has also improved very considerably. Furthermore I can now work without problems and I no longer feel overwhelming tiredness at the end of the day. I am really satisfied and convinced that I shall be able to resolve all of these problems. Thank you, goodbye and speak to you soon.

Given my generally poor health, I find that truly positive results are difficult to obtain, but I have to admit that by following the diet and undertaking the exercises described in the e-Book I have witnessed significant general improvements. Thank you for having brought to light this information regarding the problem of “hernias”. Best wishes and keep up the good work.

I read the e-Book and found it interesting and effective. It has taught me things and confirmed others. It is only the section regarding the exercises that I find a little difficult, perhaps preferring a few less and perhaps concentrating on the simpler ones (but this may just be my own personal situation based on my rather limited predilection for physical exercise.) My opinion is positive and I am happy, thank you.

I have followed the diet recently and the situation, which once was quite severe, has noticeably improved. I did not think that only by following a diet could I obtain these results.
Sincerely, Vincenzo

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If you would like to eliminate a hernia from your life and reacquire the joy of movement without fear, continue reading because this is the most important letter that you will have ever read.

Before progressing allow me to explain the bizarre way by which I came to discover this secret.

One day, Thomas, a good friend of mine, telephoned me and asked if I could help him as he was involved in a house moving: in short, we had to empty his grandmother's attic. We spent the whole Sunday filling boxes and separating the junk from the things that seemed potentially useful. By the time evening arrived, I was very tired. Thomas asked me if I wanted to rummage through the boxes that we had just finished packing and take back home anything that I thought might have been useful to me.

But what could there possibly be of use to me in amongst a grandmother's collection of old nick-knacks? I was only thinking about having a nice hot bath and going to bed. I do not really know why I started rummaging through the boxes instead of taking everything and throwing it all away. Perhaps it was out of politeness, in order not to offend Thomas. However I began looking inside the boxes and I came across some books, written in French, that told the story of the legendary physician Herbert Macgolfin Shelton. Because this doctor was able to cure patients, even severe cases, people came to visit him from all corners of the earth. He founded the 'Hygienist' movement, which, in only a short time became diffused across all of the United States, and his fame quickly spread across the ocean. In the 1940s there was no internet, no mobile phones, not even television. If he was able to become this famous only by word of mouth he has to have been someone exceptional.

I have always had a passion for natural cures and healing. I have studied them all – homeopathy, phytotherapy, clown-therapy, climate-therapy, kinesiology etc. etc.. Some I have found to be very valid, others less so. But at that point I had never heard of hygienist medicine.

I took those books (dating from the 1920s) and I went home. The next day I began to read. I read those old yellow pages written in French with great pleasure. And so in part because of the intense and pleasurable fragrance of those old pages, I began to acquire, partly based on my own passion for natural cures and healing and partly in order to fully understand those new secrets, I finished the books in only a few days.

The concepts and the advice for a longer, healthier life contained in these books were of an extraordinary simplicity and I could not wait to try them out. The books also dealt with several pathologies. I was particularly interested to see how some conditions could originate from the same cause. For example, the vertical lowering of the abdomen due to an excessive waistline in men could directly lead to a hernia, whilst in women, the consequence could be a displacement of the uterus, and in men and women alike, this could give rise to hemorrhoids.

A Hernia Condition, Can Happen To Anyone!

...I suffered from this last condition and began to interest myself in hernia problems only by correlation. It was only by chance that I really began to deepen my studies of hernias. In fact, summer arrived and I went on holiday to the sea with my wife, my son and another family of friends.

Amongst these was Samuel, a forty year old office worker, with a stomach and classic love-handles. He had a very tranquil and regular life. In the morning he had breakfast at the same old bar and had worked in the same old company for for than 16 years. He had lunch at the same old self-service restaurant, clocked out with the same old time sheet, drove home in the same old traffic, had dinner with his family, played games for a while with his children and then, before going to bed, he would relax on the divan for a while and watch the television.

Whilst we were on the beach, I noticed a certain egg-shaped formation around his inguinal area. I was reminded of what I had read in those books and we began to talk about his problem. He showed me that by tightening in and raising his stomach, the hernia tended to retract with ease. He was afraid of making any movement that may aggravate his clinical condition. Even the act of coughing would sometimes provoke a certain discomfort. For the first time I understood that Samuel was not in fact a monotonous person at all but he was quite simply afraid of making even the slightest movement. And this state of being afraid ended up by limiting him completely and was leading him towards depression.

I explained to him that I knew how to improve his condition with hygienist medicine. He was not entirely convinced because his doctor had told him that the only way to cure a hernia was by surgical operation. However, he was very curious about the idea because the fame of hygienist doctors had spread across the United States and beyond thanks to the continued successes that these doctors had obtained. Therefore there had to be at least an underlying basis of truth.

I proposed to Samuel that we should follow the programme of natural cures together. In the end this meant following a specified diet and undertaking precise physical exercises. What did we have to lose? We were on holiday. What better occasion could there be to have some fun? In the worst case we would find ourselves with slightly more attractive bodies.

Within the space of a few weeks, we had witnessed incredible results. My problem had completely disappeared. Samuel was able to retain the viscere within the abdomen with greater ease. We were both satisfied. It took Samuel another seven months before he too was completely healed.

It was Samuel himself who gave me the idea of writing an easy to follow guide in English. There and then I was hesitant because writing a book is a serious undertaking. In addition, knowing my meticulous attention to detail and my passion for natural remedies, I knew already that such an undertaking would take me a good few months.

The part of the work that took me the longest time to complete was the research for authoritative sources that were not naturalist doctors. In fact, the more I delved into the material, the more I became aware that even today there is very little love lost between “traditional” and “naturalist” practitioners. According to the latter group the first were considered 'butchers' who did not worry about eliminating the primary cause, but only limiting the secondary effects, the ailment.

However, the more in depth I went the more I found conflicting opinions even between normal doctors. A number of these sustained that a surgical intervention was necessary to cure hernias, whilst others seemed to be aware of at least a part of the formula that I had understood and with which I had helped Samuel. And in the end, study after study, investigation after investigation, I found myself writing a 30 page practical guide with which to cure hernias without surgical intervention. A guide in which I think that I have found common ground between traditional physicians, hygienist doctors and expert followers of the principals of yoga. Yes, I discovered that the fundamental principals of such a cure were already known in the art of yoga.

I took the time to write down everything that I had discovered and come to understand regarding hernias in my e-book, in an effective and simple to understand language.

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We are speaking about a very exciting product, conceived in such a way that you do not have to risk even one penny and which can be read in the comfort of your own home.

In my book I shall teach you the right things to do in order to reacquire Your Well-being. I have decided to publish this work only in e-book (electronic book) format, and this means that you can download the book onto your PC and begin immediately to know its secrets, comfortably from your own home.

The creation of this book took more than three months. First I had to translate and then re-elaborate the material. Then I sought out additional sources form expert physicians and indicated where to find the appropriate accessories for the healing process. Last I had to summarise everything in order to create a linear map that will eliminate your ailment permanently. After less than one month the pain will already have reduced. Finally you will feel happy to move freely without the need to limit your physical activities.

In this e-Book (that can be read using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader programme) I have reported the experience of Dr. George H. Taylor, of Dr. Mc Kenzie and of Dr. Herbert Macgolfin Shelton, illustrious American physicians who have cured thousands of patients. This is not a simple guide, but rather the specialist consultation of a hygienist physician at 100 Euros per visit. Therefore it is the same content, but not only: you do not have to take a plane, you do not have to move, you do not have to wait in line, you do not have to book a hotel, you do not have to spend money to eat etc. etc. But not only this, you will have this e-Book at your home and available to be read as often as you need, in your slippers and relaxing on your divan. This is even more valuable.

Look What They Say About This Programme:

“Here Are Some Of The Secrets That

You Will Find Inside My e-Book”

Here you can find some examples of the fundamentals that you will learn:

  1. BulletThe symptoms. Is it a hernia? Finally you will understand what a hernia actually is, when and how they begin to form. This is fundamental to interpret Your condition

  2. BulletThe 5 categories from a clinical point of view. If only I had been able to anticipate the ailment

  3. BulletEZIOLOGIA 93% of hernias are inguinal. The differences for men and women

  4. BulletThe act of raising. We shatter the myth of the hernia as a consequence of physical exertion

  5. BulletThe causes,, the deterioration of vitality of tissue is the source of all hernias. Fundamental in order to begin the natural cure

  6. BulletThe abdominal muscular wall. The factors that may predispose the formation of the hernia at around 50 years of age

  7. BulletThe congenital baggage. What should hernia sufferers do with regard to their children?

  8. BulletAre you overweight? Discover why you are at greater risk!

  9. BulletCommon examples of healing. Useful in order to compare different cases of hernias and to understand the times necessary for complete healing

  10. BulletRelapse after surgical intervention. You decide after having read these revelations

  11. BulletPros and cons of surgical intervention. The history of progress in this field. Why you should cure yourself with natural remedies

  12. BulletAdopt a healthy diet to avoid ruining your health and that of some of Your organs. Fundamental if quality of life is important to you!

  1. BulletThe secrets of essential rest to cure the hernia

  2. BulletTaxis, the act of reducing the hernia. Successful reductions by Dr. Taylor with strangled hernias (the most complicated typology)

  3. BulletEverything relating to the hernia belt. On its own and without curing, it is not a solution, but a way to aggravate the situation further!

  4. BulletThe Exercises. The whole truth regarding gymnastics and unfounded fears.

  5. BulletThe programme to follow based on age and physical stature. You will discover how to cure the hernia by following this programme with constancy and determination.

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Cure Hernias Without Pharmaceuticals or Surgical Operations

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What is the value of your health, your well-being, the ability to live each day fully and have a better life? One thousand Euros? Ten thousand Euros? For the majority of people that I meet, quality of life has no price. But unfortunately they are often only aware of this fact from time to time!

Even the POSSIBILITY alone of resolving your problem, and smiling once again as every one of us merits so to do, I believe, is amply worth the investment. I too have had to invest considerably during my life. But it was worth it.

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Gabriel Müller

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